For small business owners, we combine our wealth management services with our knowledge of defined contribution and defined benefit plans to create unique tax savings and asset protection strategies.

Small business owners have the greatest number of financial options available to them. Sometimes, the number of options create more confusion than benefit.

Our goal as financial advisors is to educate you on your options so that you can make an informed decision. Once you understand the options, it is easy to narrow the solution to a few choices.

We also surround ourselves with a team of specialists who can assist with implementing some of the more sophisticated solutions we develop.


Business Insurance & Protections:

Most small business owners see opportunity to make a better life for themselves and their family. Along with those opportunities come additional exposure to risks. We help analyze exposure to risk and develop solutions to insure against them.


Tax & Income:

As small businesses experience success, tax & income planning become more important. Current tax laws provide many opportunities for small business owners to shelter income and take advantage of tax deductions. Tax preparers do not implement many strategies because they are unfamiliar with them. We work with your existing advisors to explore solutions that ultimately reduce your tax burden.


Business Succession Planning:

For many small business owners, a significant amount of personal net worth comes from the market value of their business. Without proper succession planning in place, the value of the business can erode as ownership transfers. We assist with the design and implementation of a business succession plan that protects the value of your business during transition.


Estate Planning:

The estate planning needs of small business owners often presents a significant challenge to overcome. The structure of the business and the family dynamics of who is involved in the day-to-day operation of the business require special consideration. The tools, strategies, and resources available to accomplish the estate planning needs of small business owners are plentiful. However, they are frequently not implemented due to the lack of awareness by the business owner.